Scholarly biomedical journals play an important role in dissemination of new information relevant to healthcare among both researchers and persons engaged in delivery of healthcare at various levels. Journal editors are an essential part of this information exchange process, managing the process of peer review, taking decisions on publication of manuscripts, sourcing review articles, and copyediting the material before publication.

Over the years, journal editing has evolved into a specialized field and some biomedical journals have large offices with several full-time editors. However, around the world, most biomedical journals are still run by part-time editors who are often medical professionals engaged in full-time medical care or scientific work. Such editors, when faced with tricky situations, often need help from others who may have encountered a similar scenario. This can be done though a body of medical journal editors.

At the global level, organizations such as World Association of Medical Editors (WAME) fulfill such a role. However, journals in India, which are more often smaller and led by part-time editors, have some problems where local experience and solutions may be more relevant. Hence the Association of Indian Medical Journal Editors was founded.

Annual Conference ofIndian Association of Medical Journal Editors (IAMJE)

IAMJE-Annual Conference-2013-Brief report